Peacemagic Shamanic - Longform Music for Trance Work, Journeying and Meditation
Peacemagic Shamanic - Buffalo-Crane-Lizard album cover  

Peacemagic Shamanic's debut album Buffalo - Crane - Lizard is now available. Featuring three longform meditative tracks devoted to three animal spirit guides, the CD is designed to guide you into a trance state, hold the space for an extended period of time, and gently bring you back.

Buffalo is strong and earthy, propelled by deep frame drums and a melancholy group chant that seems to depict an ecstatic ritual dance. Crane is watery and mysterious, with Asian overtones and soothing keyboard melodies echoing and responding, creating a sense of infinite time. Lizard is deep and warm, airy and magical, with a propulsive marimba melody contrasting the soaring chant, and anchoring the cosmic song of a glittering night sky. All three journeys are over 23 minutes long, begin with a short meditation section, and end with a callback of approximately a minute long. The format is designed to help alter your state of consciousness for shamanic journeying, meditation, or other deep work.

Click the links below to listen to short excerpts:

Peacemagic Shamanic - excerpt from Buffalo Buffalo Peacemagic Shamanic - excerpt from Crane Crane Peacemagic Shamanic - excerpt from Lizard Lizard

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Peacemagic Shamanic blends the sounds of hand-played percussion, layered synthesizers, ethereal vocals, and other distinctive tones to create unique soundscapes for meditation, shamanic journeying and trancework. The long-form tracks provide a supportive ambience for extended periods of focused concentration.

Peacemagic Shamanic's members are multi-instrumentalists Paul Nordquist and Amy Guskin, who draw on their experience as musical artists and teachers of shamanism to create appealing music with depth and power. The two have taught shamanic journeying, and made music together, for more than fifteen years, and bring all of their spiritual experiences and a lifetime of music-making skills to this project.

To work with their animal spirit allies, shamans enter a trance state, often aided by the steady pulse of a drum or rattle. Peacemagic Shamanic brings this tradition of trance-inducing rhythm forward, helping it find its natural place in 21st century playlists.

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